BREAKING: White House In Panic Mode, Robert Mueller Makes Major Announcement

There is no doubt that President Donald Trump is in full-on panic mode after special counsel Robert Mueller spoke with the president’s legal team. The professional “witch hunter” has indicated that his office will seek a face-to-face interview with president.

The Washington Post reported that this caused a major discussion among Trump’s attorneys about how to avoid a sit-down encounter or enforce some strict limits on such an interview. This is not the first time such a session has been discussed as Mueller had a private meeting with presidential lawyers John Dowd and Jay Sekulow last month. That particular discussion was attended by Muller second-in-command James Quarles, who is in charge of the White House portion of the Russia probe.

A source close to the president said that Mueller may interview Trump very soon with limited questions, possibly within the next several weeks.

“This is moving faster than anyone really realizes,” an anonymous source said.

Despite his counsel’s concerns, President Trump is rumored to be comfortable with participating in an interview. He thinks that it would finally end questions about whether his campaign coordinated with Russia in the 2016 election.

Of course, Trump’s lawyers are hesitant to allow him to sit down for open-ended, face-to-face questioning without clear parameters. The lawyers have spent the weeks since speaking with Robert Mueller discussing whether the president could provide written answers to some portion of the questions.

This was the strategy that then-President Ronald Reagan utilized during the Iran-contra investigation. They have also talked about the possibility of raising the objection that Mueller’s team needs to demonstrate they could not obtain the information they are seeking without interviewing the President.

“No lawyer just volunteers their client without thinking this through,” said another source close to the situation.

White House attorney for the president Ty Cobb recently stated, “The White House is continuing its full cooperation with the OSC in order to facilitate the earliest possible resolution.”

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