BREAKING: Rex Tillerson Just Did It, Dared To Say What No One Else Would — [DETAILS]

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has some grave concerns regarding the security of our upcoming midterm elections.

Tillerson warned this week that Russia is already trying to meddle in the 2018 midterm elections. And the U.S. is inadequately prepared to counter that threat, he said.

Speaking to Fox News on Tuesday, Tillerson revealed that the U.S. has seen “certain behaviors” from Russia that could imply meddling ahead of multiple international elections, including the U.S. midterms.

The former ExxonMobil CEO stated:

“Really, I think it’s just important to continue to say to Russia, ‘Look, if you think we don’t see what you’re doing, we do see it and you need to stop. If you don’t, you’re just going to continue to invite consequences for yourself.’”

He continued, “I don’t know that I would say we are better prepared, because the Russians will adapt as well. The point is, if it’s their intention to interfere, they are going to find ways to do that. We can take steps we can take but this is something that, once they decide they are going to do it, it’s very difficult to pre-empt it.”

Tillerson’s comments come only three weeks after CIA director Mike Pompeo said he expects the Russians to try to interfere in the November balloting in the U.S.

The Secretary of State said a major problem in countering the Russian threat is their ability to adapt to countermeasures.

He added, however, that he was “confident that America will be able to have a free and fair election [and] that we will push back in a way that is sufficiently robust that the impact they have on our election won’t be great.”


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