She Just Made a DANGEROUS MISTAKE — Then Secret Service Swoops in to the Rescue!

Ivanka Trump was just caught up in what could have been a really bad situation! After jumping into a waiting SUV, the First Daughter and presidential aide realized that the vehicle was not hers… That’s usually no big deal, unless you happen to be the daughter of the President of the United States!

Check it out per The Blast:

Ivanka was leaving the Hilton Hotel in Washington D.C. with hubby Jared Kushner when she was guided into a black SUV idling out front. You can hear a Secret Service agent yelling, “That’s not ours, that’s not ours!” The car door was being held open by another agent, but it’s unclear who the car was actually for or who was behind the wheel.

Clearly confused, Ivanka asks her security where she should be going, and she’s whisked into the proper vehicle.

The Blast reached out to the Secret Service, who told us they do not comment on the “means and methods of our protective operations.”

Ivanka has been in the news more than usual in recent days. As the lead in her father’s presidential delegation to the Winter Olympics’ closing ceremony, she’s expected to represent her father’s tough stance on North Korea’s human rights abuses.
Check it out from Fox News:
Ivanka Trump is reportedly expected to lead the presidential delegation for the Winter Olympics’ closing ceremony.

A White House official told CNN on Monday that President Trump and the United States Olympics Committee requested that the first daughter go to the closing ceremony.

Ivanka Trump is also expected to attend some of the Olympic sporting events.

Last month, Trump tweeted that she was “getting ready for the upcoming Winter Olympics.”

The Olympics are taking place as tensions have cooled slightly between North and South Korea. North Korea is sending a delegation of athletes to compete in this month’s Olympics, and the two countries will field a joint women’s hockey team. North and South Korea also engaged in talks last month for the first time in years.

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