Rush Just Explained Why the Left Is Trolling Trump’s EPA Boss — Now It All Makes Sense!

On his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh pulled back the curtain on some serious media manipulation by the left. He questioned the criticisms aimed at EPA Director Scott Pruitt and the left’s very suspicious timing…

Limbaugh detailed how Pruitt’s alleged indiscretions were nothing out of the ordinary and that all the recent hoopla is really about his rollback of Obama-era environmental regulations.

Check out what Rush has to say, courtesy of Breitbart:

Speaking of under attack, have you noticed how every political gun the Democrats and the media have is all of a sudden focused on [Scott] Pruitt at the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency? You know, there’s an old saying — and you military people will, of course, nod your heads at this. “When you’re taking a lot of flak, you must be over the target.” Well, I think Scott Pruitt is over the target. Let me tell you what Scott Pruitt’s doing. Scott Pruitt is himself unraveling a whole lot of regulations that Obama’s EPA implemented.

Now, the former administrator of the EPA, Gina somebody — can’t remember her last name — Obama put her in office, and she is out there complaining about Pruitt because Pruitt is specifically unraveling things that she and she alone did. And she’s complaining that administrators and bureaucrats can’t just go in willy-nilly and strike out things they don’t like. It’s exactly what she did though.

When she was chairman of the EPA, she started writing regulations left and right without even the agreement of the whole agency. Not that she needed it, ’cause they were all like-minded leftists. But none of it had to go through Congress. None of it passed as legislation must. And so now Scott Pruitt, they’re focusing on this guy, condos that he wants to buy, furniture he wanted to rent, how he travels privately, running around on jets. They are launching everything they’ve got at this guy.

The EPA is one of these federal bureaucracies that the left claims permanent ownership of. And these bureaucracies — they happen to be where the deep state — I love that term primary because the left hates it — but the bureaucracies are where the deep state lives. And these people have been writing punitive anti-capital, anti-liberty regulations for who knows how long, all predicated on a bunch of faulty premises, such as the United States is destroying the planet, such as the United States is destroying the world, such as the United States is the leading polluter of the world.

For eight long years, the American people had to put up with economy-damaging regulation overreach based on junk science! Now we’ve finally got an administration that understands the balance between regulations and free markets. Yes, we can’t have every company dumping toxic waste into our drinking water, but we can’t have a mountain of paperwork every time they take out the trash, either.

We support you President Trump and his regulation-easing EPA!

What’s your take on Scott Pruitt?