Rand Paul is Pi***d Off And He’s NOT Letting Obama Off the Hook – This is About to Get Ugly!

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has finally had enough of the leftists in Washington and thinks that it’s finally time to take action, starting with those who worked to prevent President Donald Trump from making it into the White House last November.

“Time to investigate high ranking Obama government officials who might have colluded to prevent the election of @realDonaldTrump! This could be WORSE than Watergate!” the veteran statesman tweeted on Thursday, expressing his intent to look into some of the allegations of corruption that seemed to be rampant under the administration of our last president.

Paul reaffirmed his stance during an interview on Fox News, when he told host Bill Hemmer “you have the Department of Justice, where you have a high-ranking official whose wife works for the group doing opposition research on Trump being paid for by the Democrat National Committee, that sounds like a lot of high-ranking people colluding to try to prevent Donald Trump from being president.”

“You know, we’ve had this investigation about Russian collusion, maybe we need an investigation about high-ranking Obama officials colluding to try to prevent Trump from being president,” Paul went on to say. “That’s more serious than even Watergate.”

And evidence certainly does seem to point to some serious collusion by government officials against our 45th President too. Aside from the now publicized text messages send from FBI agent Peter Strzok to lawyer Lisa Page discussing how they needed to keep Trump out of office and build an “insurance policy” in case he gets elected, more and more evidence seems to build each and every day that officials all throughout the government had colluded to work to stop President Trump’s rise. And this, in conjunction with the decisions to allow Hezbollah to continue to sell drugs and guns freely or the State Department opting to sell uranium to Russia would certainly seem to make for some serious investigations, and I think that much of America would love to see the results.

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