Looks Like He’s Out of the Dog House Now — Because She Couldn’t Stop Smiling!

It’s looking like the rumors about trouble on the home front are just that, folks… Following a couple of weeks of intense media speculation about the status of the First Couple’s relationship, President Trump and First Lady Melania emerged over the weekend to put the gossip-hounds to rest…

Check it out per The Spec:

Hey, isn’t that… President Donald Trump and wife Melania spending a rare night out on the town?

On Saturday, POTUS and FLOTUS were spotted having a date night at BLT Prime by David Burke, the steakhouse inside Trump International Hotel, which is just a few blocks from the White House. The telltale sign that something was afoot? A huge Secret Service presence. Our source had to make it past not one, not two, but four checkpoints before being allowed to settle down for dinner.

“They looked happy and cozy,” our tipster said of the Trumps. 

And as anyone who is married can tell you, all relationships have their ups and downs, their trials and tribulations. But what’s important is the love and the dedication, both of which the First Couple has more than enough of…

Here’s more from Daily Mail:

Trump can be seen walking into the restaurant – hair intact – wearing a Black trench coat and what appears to be a suit with black dress shoes. 

Melania trails not too far behind and is clad in an all black suit as the two head into the hotel. 

And as many guest rushed to snap pictures of the first couple, Melania could be seen sporting a smile. 

Meanwhile, the first couple have rarely been seen together since allegations emerged that Donald Trump paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000, in the run up to the 2016 presidential election, to keep quiet about their alleged affair.

Their alleged sexual encounter occurred just four months after Melania would have given birth to their son, Barron. The White House has denied the allegations.

Since the news broke last month, Melania pulled out of a trip to accompany her husband to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland at the last minute. Instead, she chose to fly down to Mar-a-Lago for just over one day.

She later joined Trump for his State of Union address but she broke with tradition by choosing to arrive independently from her husband. 

Aren’t you glad to see President Trump
and First Lady Melania together again?

And happy?