Jeff Sessions Just Made Another Stupid Mistake — And President Trump’s Furious!

Is there any doubt at this point that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is working against President Trump? He refuses to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton’s numerous blatant crimes against this country, recused himself from oversight of Robert Mueller’s witch hunt, and now there’s this…

Attorney General Sessions has decided that under his leadership, the Department of Justice should end an effort to investigate and publicize police department shortcomings.

As a direct result of this foolish decision, fourteen police departments nationwide that had received citations from the DOJ’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services were let off the hook for their violations against everyday citizens.

Check it out per The Root:

One such department was the San Francisco Police Department. After a six-month investigation of the SFPD in 2016, COPS found disparities in traffic stops, post-stop searches and use of deadly force… as well as implicit and institutionalized bias against minority groups.

COPS released its findings in a 432-page report and made nearly 300 recommendations for reform, which it would have overseen if not for Sessions’ ending of the program.

In the absence of DOJ oversight, the California Department of Justice announced Monday that it will oversee the efforts of SFPD to implement the reforms suggested by COPS… 

At a press conference, San Francisco’s interim Mayor Mark Farrell said, “We made a promise to our residents and to our communities that we were going to transform our Police Department—and partnering with [California] Attorney General [Xavier] Becerra will allow us to follow through on that pledge.”

And this issue isn’t just about profiling or alleged racial injustice. This concerns everyday, hard-working American citizens that are fed-up with people in positions of authority abusing their power.

The police, the Federal government, and the intelligence agencies should all have a watchful eye carefully making sure they don’t trample on the rights of regular people. Without this oversight, bad cops go unpunished and the good ones get a tarnished reputation.

Jeff Sessions either needs to do his job or find a new one!

He’s letting Bob Mueller unfairly target the president for crimes he obviously did not commit, Hillary is still on the streets, and he’s not looking out for the rights of hard-working Americans.

President Trump has to be sitting in the Oval Office just fuming about all of this…

Do you still support President Trump