America Just Sent a Scorching Message to Hollywood After Bashing Trump at the Golden Globes — That’s Gotta Burn!

The liberal Hollywood media machine has been stuck down in the dirt for months now. It seems like every day a new sexual abuse scandal emerges, tarnishing the reputation of a once-beloved elite. Well, after all the predictable Trump-bashing at the Golden Globes, Hollywood got some more bad news…

Early figures confirm that the awards show, which was not shy about political grandstanding and taking cheap shots at the president, is posting terribly weak ratings returns. According to a report from Variety, early numbers show a drop of five percent in total viewers from last year.

Check it out, per Daily Caller:

Nineteen million viewers tuned in to NBC to watch, numbers that were down 5 percent from 2017’s 20 million. The ratings in the demo were even worse, however. For adults 18-49, the ratings was 5.0, down 11 percent from last year’s 5.6 rating.

The numbers are due to change slightly throughout the day, but it’s not a good sign for the industry.

The movie industry has been reeling from a season of bombshell sexual assault charges against their most famous and powerful moguls and actors. The summer box office posted weaker returns than it has been in a decade. So all eyes were on the black-clad stars when they walked the red carpet on Sunday for the Golden Globes.

America has very clearly sent Hollywood a message, and to paraphrase, it goes something like this:

Dear Hollywood,

Although we thank you for your excellent movies and entertaining us for all these years, we simply must draw the line here. While you are entitled to your opinion of the president and his administration, we do not share it. Please, in the future, refrain from politicizing an event that has essentially nothing to do with politics. If you continue to insert your political views into your professional life, we will be forced to find entertainment elsewhere. Thank you again for understanding and being professionals.


The American Public

What do you think of the jokes at the Golden Globes?

Would you have preferred the actors to not bring politics into the evening’s celebrations and kept the tone light-hearted?