Michelle Obama Just Made a Major Announcement — Washington in SHOCK!

Just when the country was getting used to the blessed absence of the Obama family…

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is scheduled to appear on Thursday’s edition of the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” in her her first television interview since leaving the White House. The appearance will mark the host’s 60th birthday and speculation has swirled in mainstream media outlets that Mrs. Obama will be making a major announcement.

Yes, that’s right… It appears that the former First Lady is positioning herself for a run for the White House in 2020.

Obama, 54, has kept an extremely low profile since moving out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue last January, but during her husband’s tenure, she was a frequent guest on DeGeneres’s show.

In a message last year, Mrs. Obama marked the 20th anniversary of DeGeneres coming out in an episode of the comedian’s 1990s sitcom, calling the Emmy winner “brave” and “kind.”

Now check this out from The Hill:

Should she decide to enter the Democratic race for president, members from both wings of the party should fully embrace her. Unlike many of the potential candidates likely to run for the Democratic nomination, she has the ability to inspire, the ability to fundraise, and the ability to take on Republicans head on. She has proved as much on numerous occasions. The former first lady is uniquely unafraid of the Republican attack machine, having felt its brunt as an African American first lady of the United States. 

There will be critics who will say that Michelle Obama isn’t qualified to run for president. There will be critics who will say that she represents more of the same. There will even be critics who will once again use dog whistles to delegitimize her character and her standing in this country. For the Obamas, none of this will be new.

Well, while The Hill is certainly entitled to their opinion, it does appear that in all reality, Mrs. Obama would just be more of the same failed initiatives that made her husband so unpopular and catapulted President Trump into the White House.

The historic election of the 45th president was many things, but by and large, it was a repudiation of Obama’s legacy. The nation was sick and tired the liberal nonsense that the Obamas brought to the White House!

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

What do you think Michelle Obama’s chances are in 2020?