Michelle Obama Just Got HORRIBLE NEWS From Her Doctor

During the final months of Barack Obama’s presidency, many thought Michelle Obama’s behavior was strange, as her hatred for America became more and more apparent. As her husband lost power, Michelle seemed to make disparaging remarks about the country every chance she could, and now a doctor has shed some light as to why the former firs lady acted this way by diagnosing her recent behavior.

Bizpac Review reported that Dr. Lauren A. Wright explained that Michelle became an attack dog to help Obama build his legacy as the last days of his presidency slipped away.

“She’s in legacy building mode. She doesn’t have to worry about the implications [of her remarks] for months to come,” Wright said. “This is the time she’s most free to say what she feels, what she believes, and what she wants the message to be for the public.”

Wright is the director of investor relations at NV5 Global, Inc. and a member of the White House Transition Project. She also recently wrote a book entitled, “On Behalf of the President: Presidential Spouses and White House Communications Strategy Today.”

Wright pointed out that Michelle gave more speeches and indulged more appearances than any other recent First Lady, as her ego made it so that she could never give up the spotlight for long.

“I think what surprises and upsets people most often is that first ladies give more public remarks than vice presidents, and that’s been true over the last three administrations,” the doctor wrote.

Unfortunately for Michelle, however, her efforts to be an “attack dog” for her husband backfired as Twitter users made it clear that Americans saw right through her nonsense:

Since actually moving out of the White House, Michelle has continued to badmouth both the country and the sitting president, showing just how classless she really is. SHARE this story if you wish Michelle Obama would GO AWAY!