Anti-Trump Celebrity Viciously Attacks Ivanka Trump – She is Devastated

On Saturday night, celebrity chef José Andrés viciously attacked President Trump’s daughter on social media after he mistakenly thought she him barred him from joining the elite crowd gathered inside for the 105th Alfalfa Club dinner’s exclusive after party.

Andrés wrote a scathing post on Twitter claiming that he was denied entry to Washington D.C.’s prestigious Cafe Milano because First Daughter Ivanka Trump didn’t want him there.

However, Andrés was wrong in his assumption as he was not on the list of invited guests but assumed he had the clout to enter Cafe Milano regardless.

When the hot headed chef was informed that he didn’t have the pull he thought he did, he took to Twitter and blamed Ivanka Trump while calling out Cafe Milano owner Franco Nuschese and tagging the Washington Post.

“Thank you @CafeMilanoDC Franco Nuschese!” Andrés wrote. “I was a guest of the #alfalfaclubdinner2018 ‘everyone’ welcome to the after party, but I’m the only individual not allow in? Is because @IvankaTrump told you so? You should be ashamed of yourself [email protected]

The tweet was retweeted over 12,000 times and liked by over 28,000 users. Many people responded by mocking the First Daughter and suggesting that Café Milano should be boycotted.

Andrés’ wrong assumption resulted in a horrific media attack on Ivanka, with several headlines depicting the First Daughter as an insensitive monster.

Ivanka was so shocked by the incident that she even even reached out to the chef to explain that she had nothing to do with the situation. Nuschese also reached out and apologized, calling the situation a “misunderstanding.”

Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor said mainstream media is “hysterical” but “not in a funny way” and pointed to the chef’s initial reaction as an example.

“They are running around like Chicken Little screaming, ‘The sky is falling.’ Except the only thing that is falling is their believability,” Gainor told Fox News. “This story is a mix of media and typical D.C. ego. Andrés had his itty bitty ego hurt by being excluded from an after party. So he threw a tantrum and media treated it like it’s legitimate news.”

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