Trump Just Nuked the Immigration Debate With One Question — Liberals Are FURIOUS!

It may not be “politically correct” or even a nice thing to say, but President Trump just asked the one question the American public is thinking, but has been too afraid to vocalize. In this age of liberal media hysteria, everyone is so concerned with not being offensive that the truth gets lost in the soup.

Well, on Thursday at a bipartisan immigration meeting, the President dropped the hammer on the liberal notion that all migrants are created equal.

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump reportedly to said to congressional leaders.

The president also openly wondered why the United States doesn’t instead take in more immigrants from places like Norway.

The President spoke in response to proposals to prevent the deportation of thousands of foreign nationals from El Salvador and Haiti who are dwelling in the U.S. on Temporary Protected Status.

In his own way, Trump expressed a sentiment many working-class Americans share on the subject. Exactly why does the United State’s immigration policy appear more like a burden to its citizenry than a benefit? Why don’t we prioritize the best for citizenship instead of anyone liberals shame us into accepting?

Trump has single-handedly pushed these unspoken sentiments into the mainstream, with prominent conservative pundits and Fox News hosts defending his statements.

The false idea that the United States will magically transform all people who immigrate here into all-star entrepreneurs is shared by many of the country’s democratic leaders. Of course, that notion ignores the history of what made the American people who they are. It imagines that we just live in a special land that will always be great regardless of the folks who live there… and that’s just not true.

Immigration is by and large the central issue of our time. Without checks and balances, and certainly without closed and controlled borders, this country will fill up with foreigners with no skills, criminal aptitudes, and entitlement mindsets.

Hopefully, the president will be able to woo congressional Democrats and obtain funding for his border wall and concessions on immigration reform.

What do you think of just letting anyone and everyone immigrate to this country?

Sounds like a bad idea, right?