[Video] Little Donkey Dreams of Being a Clydesdale — Hilarious Commercial That’s BREAKING THE INTERNET!

Budweiser has always been a company that’s never shied away from taking a strong stand for veterans and traditional American values. Year after year, their Super Bowl commercials featuring the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales, are among the most popular commercials run during the big game.

They’ve done a masterful job of building a brand and an image.

Recently this commercial featuring a little donkey with big dreams re-surfaced on the Internet, and something about it has caught the fancy of Americans and bid dreamers around the world, causing it to go viral!

From AnimalChannel.com:

This classic commercial recently surfaced on the internet and tells the story of a little donkey who wants to join in on the fun and spend time with the Budweiser Clydesdales. The adorable donkey envies the gracious horses for a bit and would absolutely love to join them, but he can’t since he was born a donkey.

“Since I was born, I dreamed of being a Budweiser Clydesdale,” the donkey ‘says’ in the commercial. “The only problem is I was born a donkey.”

Luckily, the donkey has some serious perseverance.
The commercial shows us how the donkey practices the specific Clydesdale walk and pull moves, just like in the other commercials.

Instead of sitting around and doing nothing, this donkey decided to become whoever he wanted to be. He even wore some ‘hair extensions’ on his lower legs to resemble one of the Clydesdale horses.

The donkey was now fully convinced that he could fit in with the horses, and the Clydesdales interviewed him for a position in the group.

“What makes you think you can be a Clydesdale, son?”

The donkey’s answer definitely is something special, hilarious and something you have to see for yourself in the video below.

The fantastic commercial ends happily for both the adult horses and the proud little donkey. It will absolutely melt your heart and definitely remains one of the most heartwarming and unique Super Bowl commercials ever aired.

Here’s the commercial so you can see it for yourself. It’s a great example of why, year after year, Budweiser’s commercials are among the most anticipated every Super Bowl.