Twitter Bans Accounts Promoting Terrorism, But Look Who They Let Stay

Last week news came out about how Twitter is shadow-banning conservatives like Senator Ted Cruz, meaning they don’t broadcast his Tweets to his followers like the do, say Kamala Harris’. So, when Twitter tried to grandstand this week by bragging about the number of terrorist accounts they shut down, some people noticed something fishy.

Social media is currently in the throes of protecting its users from the menacing forces of conservative voices, alternative media and analytics companies that use publicly accessible data obtained from the platforms, they seem to have no problem with Islamic jihadists and terrorists.

Creeping Sharia reports that on April 5, Twitter released its biannual report on purging accounts and material promoting terrorism or violence.

Called the ‘Twitter Transparency Report’, it tried to portray itself as actively searching for and rooting out such threats. It turns out, however, that the report was Orwellian in name and in purpose.

Creeping Sharia reports that groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and even terrorist nation states like Iran continue to be able to post praises of suicide bombings, calls for the end of Israel and handy terrorism material via Twitter.

Creeping Sharia writes, “These are but a handful of examples of terrorist groups and promoters operating openly on Twitter. The question remains: Who or what groups, exactly, were suspended in Twitter’s highly touted great purge of terrorists?”

To that may be added the additional question of, “What will it take for liberals to be as proactive against avowed enemies of America as they are against the NRA following every shooting by a killer with NO ties to the Second Amendment organization?

What do you think?

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