Trump Just Fired Obama’s WH Council Holdovers — How He Did It was EPIC…

Throughout his first year in office, President Trump has spent the majority of his time undoing all the damage caused by Barack Obama. From tax reform to the slashing of regulations, President Trump has been a man on a mission. On Wednesday, he turned his attention to the last remaining Obama appointees on the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS.

President Trump let the Obama appointees know they needed to clear out their desks pronto by way of a letter delivered by FedEx!

That’s what they get. The mass dismissal of the advisers marked another episode in the administration’s dealing with the council. In June, six members resigned from the council with an open letter published in Newsweek.

They erroneously claimed President Trump was unsympathetic to people living with HIV/AIDs.

Check it out, per The Daily Beast:

The remaining 16 members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS were told they were being fired Wednesday, via a FedEx letter from the White House. Six members resigned in June in protest of what they called the Trump administration’s inaction on the issue.

Gabriel Maldonado, a PACHA adviser, confirmed the firings, but said the “explanation is still unclear.” “Like any administration, they want their own people there,” Maldonado told the Washington Blade.

“Many of us were Obama appointees. I was an Obama appointee and my term was continuing until 2018.” Scott Schoettes, a council member who quit in June (and a senior lawyer for Lambda Legal), called the Trump move a “purge,” tweeting that the White House was “eliminating few remaining people willing to push back against harmful policies, like abstinence-only sex ed.”

In September, Trump had renewed PACHA’s brief for another year.

President Trump’s 2016 campaign platform was simple: reign in uncontrolled immigration, overhaul healthcare, and work to undue the damage that Barack Hussein Obama inflicted on our weary nation.

Well, Donald J. Trump has been enormously successful on all fronts and this is just another step in that direction. He has a mandate to install his own picks for White House councils and it’s obvious he disagrees with Obama’s appointees and overall strategy.

Of course, the liberal mainstream media will do everything in their power to make this seem like Trump hates people living with HIV/AIDS. What the president really hates is the waste of taxpayer money on liberal policies that have proven to be a disaster…

What do you think of our boy giving
Obama’s appointees the boot?