Trump Just Dropped the Hammer on Welfare Scammers — Liberals are FURIOUS!

Liberals might want to take a break from cooking up Russian conspiracy theories and freaking out about Trump’s Tweets to take a look at what’s going on in their country. Trump is fulfilling his promises, and he’s making America great again!

This is a game-changer, folks! If anyone has doubts about President Trump’s success in getting people off the welfare rolls and back to work, then this is story they need to read. Since taking office in January, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that Trump has managed to decrease the number of people enrolled in food stamps programs by two million.

The USDA data show that the number of people enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) plunged to 42,182,443 in 2017. That’s a whopping drop of 2,036,920 from the 44,219,363 enrolled in 2016.

Check it out, per Breitbart:

Participation in the program is at its lowest level since 2010, when 40,302,000 people enrolled in the program.

Food stamp enrollment steadily declined after 2013, when participation in the government program swelled to 47.6 million—the highest amount it has ever been since former President Lyndon Johnson authorized the creation of the food stamp program in 1964. Taxpayers spent $79.8 million on SNAP when enrollment reached its peak in 2013.

When the USDA began recording how much taxpayers spent on the food stamp program in 1969, taxpayers spent $250 million to subsidize the 2.8 million receiving benefits.

President Trump has mentioned that he wanted to make it a priority to keep SNAP program costs down at the state and federal levels, which might drive down enrollment even further in 2018.

The USDA announced in December that the agency would give state agencies more autonomy over administering SNAP as one way to curb costs of the multi-billion dollar welfare program.

The federal government is also examining policy ideas being considered at the state level, such as limiting the number of family members who can make purchases using a SNAP card and drug-testing welfare recipients, to potentially implement them nationwide.

These basic commonsense ideas were curiously missing from the SNAP program under Barack Obama. It seems obvious that welfare recipients would be required to take a drug test and look for work. Unfortunately, liberals have worked very hard to undermine the value of work in certain segments of the population though. By advocating handouts, they’ve created an entire voting demographic that is loyal to the donkeys in blue suits.

Have you ever seen a welfare recipient vote for small, but efficient government? Do you think a politician who speaks about “reigning in spending and cutting the deficit” is going to have a whole bunch of social welfare junkies standing in line to vote for them? No, absolutely not.

What do you think of President Trump’s success in slashing the number of people on food stamps?