Trump Derails Obama Sweetheart Deal & Saves Taxpayers BILLIONS — Liberals are Furious!

Each day more stories come to light that prove the Democrats really didn’t think Trump was going to win. They thought that their corruption, graft, and national power grab would continue indefinitely under Obama’s handpicked successor, Hillary Clinton. Then Trump came along and all of these economy stifling regulations and sweetheart deals got shown the backdoor.

We’re seeing the latest example of this thanks to a recent Fox News Story about a tunnel that the Obama administration had promised to their liberal buddies in New York and New Jersey. Here’s the story:

An Obama-era plan to have the federal government finance half of a $13 billion rail tunnel project ran into a red light Friday from the Trump administration.

The plan, proposed under President Barack Obama in 2015, includes revitalizing a deteriorating Amtrak tunnel connecting New Jersey to New York City, repairing damage to a dual-tunnel conduit, and reconstructing the New Jersey railroad network’s aging Portal Bridge, Crain’s New York Business reported.

Amtrak, which owns most of the rail tunnels and tracks between Boston and Washington, D.C., contends that the existing tunnel connecting New Jersey and New York City is damaged and could fail within 10 to 15 years, threatening daily rail transportation in the Northeast.

The original Obama-era plan called for costs to be split among New York state, New Jersey and the federal government.

‘A local project’

But in a letter Friday, the Trump administration notified New York and New Jersey that the Obama-era deal was now “non-existent” because the states recently requested that their portions be covered by loans from the federal government — meaning Washington would supply all of the initial funding for what the Trump White House is calling “a local project.”

“Your letter also references a non-existent ’50/50′ agreement between USDOT, New York, and New Jersey. There is no such agreement,” wrote K. Jane Williams, deputy administrator of the Federal Transit Administration. “We consider it unhelpful to reference a non-existent ‘agreement’ rather than directly address the responsibility for funding a local project where nine out of 10 passengers are local transit riders.”

Some people are saying that this is just a bargaining ploy by Trump to put pressure on New York Senator Chuck Schumer. If so, I say, “It’s about damn time!” For the last 20 plus years, we’ve rolled over and let the Democrats have their way with our country — flooding us with illegal immigrants and grabbing more and more of our individual liberties. It’s about time somebody stood up and demanded that we get something in return.

Now maybe Schumer will bargain in good faith over a full repeal of Obamacare or a border wall, and drop this silly nonsense about providing amnesty for millions of illegals.

Even if it was just done on general principles, it’s still the right thing for Trump to do. As one Twitter user put it, “Why should taxpayers in South Dakota or South Carolina have to chip in for a rail tunnel for Jersey commuters who work in New York? Pay for the damn project out of the fare box or forget it.”

Amen to that!

What are your thoughts?

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