Seattle and Portland Residents Rattled by Event in the Night Sky

The dark of night was turned into brilliant day and was followed by an earth rattling boom. These events occurred to many residents in Oregon and Washington states at 7:30 p.m. (PST) on March 7.

KATU reports that while scientists and authorities are still investigating what rattled citizens from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington, the growing consensus is that it was the handiwork of a meteor; a bolide meteor to be exact.

According to Wikipedia, a bolide is suspected to contain some mixture of minerals, metals and/or ice that make it highly reactive as it enters our atmosphere. This reaction produces a brilliant light that can make it twice as bright as the moon. They are prone to making fireballs in the sky and often explode in the air but have been known to make contact with the ground.

Video and eyewitness accounts seem to infer that this possible bolide exploded in the clouds over the northwestern states, which may have contributed to the brilliance of the event.

In Washington State, Grays Harbor County Sheriff Rick Scott said he was driving from Olympia back to Grays Harbor County, when he too saw the giant flash.

“I saw a huge flash of what appeared to be orange light, light up the entire horizon to the West,” he said.

The Grays Harbor County Sheriff Office was subsequently flooded with hundreds of reports of a loud boom that shook the ground.

“Whatever it was, was a huge, huge burst of bright light,” said Scott. “It took up the entire horizon, so it wasn’t like it was a fireball, although the color was similar to what you would see with something like that.”

Witnesses also told dispatchers the light was orange. Most of the callers were along the coast, especially in the Westport area.

KATU reported that people “in the Portland area reported hearing and feeling the event. They posted on KATU’s Facebook page various locations they heard or felt something. Those locations included: Clackamas, Tigard, Sherwood, North Portland, Northeast Portland, Beaverton, Garden Home, Cedar Mill and Southwest Portland.”

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