Scientists Thought They Knew EVERYTHING About the Great Pyramid — Then They Saw THIS…

It seems that the great pyramids in Egypt will never cease to provide new surprises for scientists and Egyptologists.

Recently, a team of archaeologists discovered a hidden space buried deep within the Great Pyramid of Giza. The void is said to measure at least a hundred feet long and seems to have parallels to the pyramid’s Grand Gallery.

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The discovery is the first major find since the 19th Century and was found using new technology derived from particle physics.

The Great Pyramid, said by some archaeologists as being constructed under the direction of Pharaoh Khufu almost 5,000 years ago, is claimed to be much older and possessing a much more profound purpose than that of a purported tomb for the kings of Egypt.

Coordinated by Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities, the mission to explore the pyramid involved the ScanPyramids project, which used non-intrusive scanners to measure the “natural drizzle of subatomic particles called muons.”

The void detected appears to align with the perimeter of the Grand Gallery, but unlike the Gallery below, there does not appear to be any tunnels leading to the space.

“This is definitely the discovery of the century,” says archaeologist and Egyptologist Yukinori Kawae, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer. “There have been many hypotheses about the pyramid, but no one even imagined that such a big void is located above the Grand Gallery.”

For those curious and impatient to know what the space contains, they may have to wait a long time. As of now, there are no plans to drill into the area. Instead, non-invasive methods will be relied on, giving the curious an idea but not a concrete picture of what the mystery area holds.

“It’s the position of [the void] that to me makes this interpretation the most likely,” says Spence. “It’s too well placed for getting blocks into place up there.”

What do you think? Do you think a surprise awaits scientists in the Pyramid’s void?

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