Russian Accused of Making Illegal Contribution to Trump, But Look How Much He Gave Hillary

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team of zealous inquisitors is so hypocritical that it is disgusting.

Following the news that the FBI, in pure Sturmtruppen fashion, raided the office and hotel suite of the President’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen on April 9, the Daily Caller reports that Mueller is also targeting a $150,000 donation to Trump made by Russian oligarch Victor Pinchuk.

The thing is Pinchuk gave Hillary Clinton $13 million, some of that being gifted while Hillary was Secretary of State.

Where is the special counsel for this?

In 2015, Donald Trump appeared through a video link during a conference hosted by Pinchuk. Trump did not ask for a fee, but it is being reported that Cohen did ask Pinchuk later for a $150,000 payment.

Three years prior, Pinchuk attended a dinner at the Clintons’ residence. It is known that the Russian billionaire lobbied the Hillary Clinton State Department, Bill Clinton was a guest at Pinchuk’s annual Yalta conference and the Russian reciprocated the visit by attending Bill Clinton’s 65th birthday party.

The Caller writes that the “Victor Pinchuk Foundation issued a statement to The Times, downplaying the donation to Trump. The charity reached out to Trump and other world leaders in order to ‘promote strengthened and enduring ties between Ukraine and the West,’ it said.

“Contact to Trump was made at a time when ‘it was by no means assured that Mr. Trump would be the Republican nominee in 2016,’ the foundation pointed out.”

That fact does not matter to Grand Inquisitor Robert Mueller.

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