The senate is attempting to reach a budget deal but there are two sides to this ongoing challenge. Can you take a guess at who is making things difficult to reach a sound decision? Of course it would be the Democrats who are holding up a bipartisan agreement.

Who none other than the most progressive leftist that stands in the way of a serious decision… Yep Nancy Pelosi. Her defiance is all in favor for the so called Dreamers she cares about so much over the American people. Nancy is causing a stall and because of this a shutdown is imminent.

Let’s take a look at what Politico is covering for this story:

Progressives are frustrated that Senate Democrats would consider cutting a budget deal while relief for the young undocumented immigrants known as Dreamers remains in limbo — and with nothing more than a commitment from McConnell to begin an open-ended immigration debate next week. Pelosi appeared to agree on Wednesday, with a rare extended floor speech declaring that she was not yet ready to support the emerging agreement to lift stiff spending caps.

“I just can’t explain to the Dreamers or my colleagues why we should be second-class members of Congress in this House without a commitment from the Speaker that Mitch McConnell gave to the senators — that there would be a vote on the floor to let Congress work its will,” Pelosi said.

The fact that Pelosi is taking a stand on the floor — and is expected to speak for an extended period of time — shows just how sensitive the issue is in her caucus.

For months, Pelosi and Schumer have been refusing to negotiate on a budget caps deal until there was an agreement with Republicans to shield Dreamers from deportation. Pelosi has repeatedly told her caucus their leverage to force Republicans into an immigration solution stems from withholding support for a long-term budget agreement.

Nancy is going against the Republican Senate in order to feed into her pro immigration narrative. She can’t have her way therefore she rebels immaturely just to get what she wants. Not only has she rebelled but she took the house floor in a lengthy tedious speech for her support on immigration. A whopping 4 hours just to babble about these DREAMERS.

USA Today reports on her lengthy talks:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi began speaking on the House floor at 10:04 a.m. Wednesday.

And she hasn’t stopped.

The California Democrat followed her surprise announcement that she would oppose a budget deal to avert a government shutdown with a talk-a-thon to protest congressional inaction on legislation to protect DREAMers, undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States when they children

Just for once please stop talking and get on with a decision the Republican Senate doesn’t have all day to hear about one issue. There’s other issues at hand that need to be resolved you are the reason why both parties can’t compromise during an imminent government shut down.

Do you think Nancy should just give up on this DREAMERS fantasy?

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