John Bolton Just Fired a Shot Right Over the Deep State’s Bow

Despite criticisms that John Bolton has been a war hawk in the past, one thing is for sure, he, perhaps more than anyone else, will have the biggest impact of draining the swamp of Obama holdovers and globalists who don’t share Trump’s agenda.

Ladies and gentleman, the swamp draining has begun!

In a surprise move on Tuesday, longtime Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert offered his resignation — and White House insiders say it’s got Bolton’s name all over it!

A George W. Bush appointee, Bossert made a name for himself towing the line for establishment power players. With his good looks and media-friendly charm, he was excellent in front of a podium and speaking at meetings.

But insiders feared that he would clash with Bolton’s take-no-prisoners attitude. And apparently, they were right!

Here’s the scoop from our friends at The Daily Caller:

Newly ascended national security advisor John Bolton effectively fired longtime homeland security advisor Tom Bossert in a surprise move Tuesday.

Bossert’s resignation follows the departure of now-former Trump NSC spokesman Michael Anton Monday. An NSC source explained to The Daily Caller that Bolton needed to ensure his message was effectively communicated to President Donald Trump and that both Anton and Bossert’s jobs required regular face time with him.

“The President is grateful for Tom’s commitment to the safety and security of our great country,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement after the news became public. Tom led the White House’s efforts to protect the homeland from terrorist threats, strengthen our cyber defenses, and respond to an unprecedented series of natural disasters. President Trump thanks him for his patriotic service and wishes him well.”

Here’s more from Deadline:

Technically, Bossert submitted his resignation. But political pundits say it’s no coincidence the resignation comes the morning after John Bolton’s first day as the third national security adviser of Trump’s 15-month-old administration.

Bossert, a White House point person on terror and cyber threat issues also helped spearhead the administration’s response to last year’s headline-grabbing hurricanes in Houston, Texas, in Puerto Rico, and Florida.  He was a darling of White House press corps, with his Central-Casting looks and his calm, direct demeanor at press briefings.

Bossert previously served as Deputy Homeland Security Advisor under President George W. Bush.

John Bolton was a perfect choice to advise President Trump on national security issues. He’s a die-hard conservative, isn’t afraid to use military muscle, and is comfortable ruffling a few feathers when need be. Isn’t that why we all voted for a Trump presidency in the first place? We were tired of Washington politics and business as usual, and by God, we got a real maverick behind the Resolute Desk!

What’s your take on Bossert’s departure?