ICE Director Just Fired a Shot Over California’s Bow — “Better Hold on Tight…”

Here is a great tip. Whenever you see the name Tom Homan in a news headline, grab the popcorn and a drink, because you are going to get some great entertainment watching the Director of the Immigration and Customs (ICE) Enforcement agency rip liberal law-breakers and their political enablers a new a-hole.

The Independent Journal Review (IJR) reports that Homan recently appeared on Fox News Business with host Neil Cavuto. During the interview, Homan was asked what he thought about California’s libtard governor Jerry “Mi casa es su casa” Brown declaring the entirety of his state a sanctuary for illegals.

“I think it’s terrible,” replied Homan.

Wait. It gets much better.

“You’ve got the state of California that wants to put politics ahead of public safety, ahead of officers’ safety,” Homan continued, “What they’ve done is forced my officers to arrest dangerous criminals on their turf, in their homes and their place of business, rather than arresting them in the safety and security of a county jail.”

While Brown’s dopey IQ most likely failed to forewarn him of just such a situation, there were, guaranteed, handlers around him who should have foreseen that the aptly-named ‘California Values Act’ would necessitate ICE agents being more intrusive.

Cavuto then asked Homan, “What can you do if you’re not going to get local help in trying to track down folks you say not only shouldn’t be here, but are a threat to people here?”

Okay, here is where it gets good.

“If [California Gov. Jerry Brown] thinks he’s protecting the immigrant community,” Homan growled, “he’s doing quite the opposite. Because if you think ICE is going away, we’re not.

“There’s no sanctuary from federal law enforcement. … I’m going to significantly increase our enforcement presence in California.

California better hold on tight. They’re about to see a lot more special agents, a lot more deportation officers in the state of California. If the politicians in California don’t want to protect their communities, then ICE will.”

Hot damn, John Wayne is back!!!!!

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