Grassley Just Dropped a Bombshell That Sent Comey into All Out Panic Mode — Time to Lawyer Up!

A week after being fired on May 9, 2017, former FBI Director James Comey claims he awoke from a dead sleep and ‘realized’ he had to share memos made following one-on-one meetings with President Trump, reports Fox News Insider.

A week later, a story appeared in the New York Times alleging that President Donald Trump asked Comey to halt the FBI’s investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The story was leaked to the Times thanks to Comey’s BFF and liberal Columbia University prof, Daniel Richman.

By June, Comey was outed as the leaker and he confessed that he did so in order to get a special counsel appointed. This was Comey’s first, and unsuccessful, attempt at getting Mueller appointed as Witch Hunter.

The President was rightfully incredulous about the incident, exclaiming, “Did I miss something or did Comey just say he asked a friend to leak information to the press? Is this a joke?” quotes Newsweek.

While that attempt failed, Comey’s use of the fake ‘Russian Dossier’ would be used to launch Mueller’s inquisition. The Deep State got what it wanted through persistence and a useful idiot.

The facts of Comey’s actions were on the record and are only NOW being gotten to by Congress. What was not disclosed at the time was that four of the seven memos Comey leaked to Richman back then were marked “CONFIDENTIAL” or “SECRET.”

For those with learning disabilities (i.e. liberals) that means “Comey bad. Go to jail.”

The Daily Caller reports that Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) sent a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod “Harry Potter Fan Boy” Rosenstein on January 3 “demanding” an explanation for the criminal act of leaking classified information.

Sad to say, but that charge just doesn’t carry much shock value any more because every government official and their mistress has done it at some point. Call it the acclimation to sin if you want.

Rosenstein followed the wishes of Comey and appointed Mueller after the NYT story hit the public, and now Grassley wants him to explain himself?

Good luck with that.

Still, it is looking like Comey may be a sacrificial lamb, a la Al Franken, by falling on his sword for the good of the Deep State. Whether that includes jail time will remain to be seen.

Ryan Saavedra from the Daily Wire tweeted, “James Comey leaked “seven memos, four marked classified at ‘SECRET’ or ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ levels. Have fun in prison, @Comey.”

What do you think?

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