Climate Phoney Al Gore Revisits “Inconvenient Truth” — Declares Bitter Cold Weather to Be Proof of THIS…

Chicken Little alarmist Al Gore must need an addition on his multi-million dollar mansion, you know the one, the ostentatious palatial estate with not one solar panel on it? Gore is back out in the public once again trumpeting the discredited science of crooked climatologist Michael Mann in the hopes of lining his pocket.

The Independent Journal Review (IJR) reports that as record breaking cold gripped much of the East Coast recently, Gore tweeted, “It’s bitter cold in parts of the US, but climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann explains that’s exactly what we should expect from the climate crisis.”

Before proving that Mann should be the last person on earth to be believed about climatic change, let us do a bit of recollection.

The Green movement, which global warming belongs to, is a proven tool being used by communists to bring about what they believe to be the inevitable collapse of industry and the resultant proletarian revolution.

The theories and tactics used by the environmentalists are as mercurial as the very climate changes they profess man has meddled with.

Back in the 1970s, PopularTechnology.Net reminds us, the conventional wisdom (a dangerous thing in science) among the ‘learned elite’ was that the world was in danger of a global freeze. Time magazine ran a January 1977 headlining story entitled, ‘The Big Freeze’.

In the article, an environmental guru named Arnold Reitze was one among many claiming that airborne pollutants were reflecting much of the sun’s warming rays back into space, thus cooling the planet.

Reitze’s corrective proposals were shockingly communistic. He called for the banning of the internal combustion engine (THE most transformative invention of all time), demanded draconian regulations of production be implemented, called for a single national focus on research into the role of pollutants as global agent of falling temperatures (research he just happened to be doing) and he ended by saying :

“We will be forced to sacrifice democracy by the laws that will protect us from further pollution.”

This type of propaganda continued in 1978, with a documentary entitled, ‘The Coming Ice Age’. In this film of lies, a progenitor of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame, narrates and is heard to state, “Climate experts believe the next ice age is on its way.”


So, the environmentalists repackaged their theory and THIS time said pollutants were not causing a global cooling, but rather, a global warming.

Enter Michael Mann, who did more to discredit the public’s trust in a science than anyone ever could.

In the book, “A Disgrace to the Profession”, hundreds of scientists lay out the lies Mann told through manipulation of data in order to arrive at a predetermined conclusion.

In the book, it is shown how Mann based his theory on anthropogenic global warming on a select sampling of tree rings from forests located in North America and extrapolated that data onto a global scale.

He did this while ‘smoothing out the record’ in order to make it appear that rising global temperatures from the turn of the 20th Century were unprecedented, thus implying a link to carbon emissions. By smoothing, it is meant that he ignored the rapid rise of global temperatures during the medieval times (known as the Medieval Warming Period-MWP) and the deep freeze of the 17th Century’s ‘Little Ice Age’. Both of these omissions (as well as the unsubstantiated ‘proxy data’ he inserted) greatly inflated his variables used to ‘prove’ his bias.

Gore released his ‘documentary’, “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006. In it, Gore played to all the usual Mann created lies and even claimed that the planet had ten years to reverse its industrial course before it succumbed to an environmental apocalypse.

A decade later, Watts Up With That? Revisited Gore’s ‘predictions’ and found that the planet had not warmed up in over twenty years.

Gore’s claim that the damage wrought by global warming would steadily climb in terms of dollars and lives. That too, was a lie. “German insurance giant Munich Re,” reports Watts, “says losses from natural disasters were lower in 2015 than in 2014 and lowest since 2009.”

The Arctic Ocean, Gore claimed, would be ice free by 2014. But, as Watts notes, by that year, the ice in the Arctic had actually grown “thicker and covered a greater area than it did when he made his prediction.”

You want another example of Gore prophesizing the exact opposite of what actually happened? How about Gore’s scare tactic assertion that global warming would wipe out the Polar Bears?

The bears it turned out, saw a population increase of 42 percent, “with some as ‘fat as pigs’” reported biologists quoted by Watts.

Are you tired of being wrong yet, Gore?

So, now Gore is back trying to recycle, once again, the communist targeting of prosperity via the environment. The deep freeze hysteria did not work out, global warming flopped, so it is now ‘global climate change’ that is a threat.

The fact that the earth’s climate DOES change aside, Gore should not be believed or even amusingly entertained by any pseudo-intellectual. He is a self-serving hypocrite looking to scare people out of their money!

What do you think? Is Al Gore a fraud?

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