BREAKING: John Kelly Just Gave DACA Illegals the Worst News of Their Lives — Democrats are FURIOUS!

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has told reporters on Capitol Hill that the President will most likely not extend the DACA program, thus promising more histrionics from the Left, who prizes illegals over citizens.

CBS News reports that Kelly commented that the DREAMers would not be deported as long as they did not break any laws, but he failed to justify how crossing the borders ILLEGALLY did not qualify as a crime.

When Kelly was asked if the President would “extend ‘Dreamers’ protections beyond March 5”, the former General replied that “he doesn’t think the president has legal authority to prolong it.”

CNN quotes Kelly as arguing, “Mr. Obama established the program, and it was considered to be unconstitutional, not based on any law. So the extension, I’m not so sure the President, this President, has the authority to extend it.”

On February 5, the President stuck to his guns on what he wants from an immigration deal, when he shot down a bipartisan plan on immigration reform that extended DACA protections but did not deliver on the funding for the border wall that was asked for on numerous occasions, reports The Hill.

The Establishment keeps trying to bend the administration to their demands, so Kelly’s comments will no doubt ruffle many feathers on open border advocates.

Judging by the comments online, there will be much rending of garments and gnashing of teeth over any threat to the army of future Democrat voters that is DACA and DREAMers.

What do you think? Will Trump stay strong against the open border crowd?

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