President Trump Just Refused FBI Deputy Director McCabe’s ‘Terms’ — This Is Going to Get UGLY!

Following a week of intense public pressure, disgraced FBI Deputy Director Andrew “Andy” McCabe used The Washington Post to propose a little quid pro quo to President Trump. Essentially, McCabe conceded he would leave office in March in exchange for President Trump not returning fire.

President Trump, immediately spotting the intent of the public resignation announcement, responded unequivocally by saying on Twitter: “NO DEAL!”

Check it out, per The Conservative Treehouse:

On January 15th, 2018, the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General Michael Horowitz will deliver approximately 1.2 million pages of documentation and evidence gathered in the year-long investigation into the politicization of the DOJ and FBI, by senior leadership and upper-level career leadership lawyers and bureaucrats.

So by mid-January the House Judiciary Committee will have massive investigative documentation surrounding Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, and all of the top-tier team members around them for all of their principle activity throughout the past few years; with emphasis on 2016.

Put another way, Andrew McCabe, is going to be in FULL SUNLIGHT on or around January 15th, 2018, for any misconduct.

That explains the transparent reason for McCabe offering terms. However, the content of that year-long investigation is also the transparent reason for President Trump refusing McCabe’s terms.

In addition to McCabe, and depending on how well they have covered their political tracks, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, and all of the top officials -lawyers mostly- within the FBI and DOJ will be part of that investigative release.

So, having failed in your scheme to discredit and impeach the President of the United States, you have no other option but to surrender and beg for mercy. Unfortunately for you, Mr. McCabe, Donald Trump is an honorable man and it’s not in the best interest of the country to let you and your deep state cohorts run free.

Until you and your ilk are brought to justice, the possibility of this happening again is far too likely.

What do you think of FBI Deputy Director McCabe’s attempt to surrender?

Should Trump let him off the hook or go for the jugular?