Grassley Just Dropped the Hammer on Andy McCabe — “Get Out!”

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe may not want to pin up his 2018 Harry Potter calendar in his office just yet, because if Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has his way, the embittered nerd will be sent packing.

Hot Air reports that the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman said that he wants FBI Director Christopher Wray to kick Clinton crony McCabe to the curb for his clear political bias, allegations of his sexual harassing ways, and for violating the Hatch Act that bars federal employees from using their position to campaign for political officials.

Before McCabe finally deigned to appear before Congress on December 19 to testify about what he knows about disgraced agents Peter Strzok and Bruce Ohr, Grassley took to the Senate floor and said:

“He oughta be replaced. And I’ve said that before and I’ve said it to people who can do it.”

Grassley appears to want the President to refrain from involving himself in the movement to get McCabe fired, for obvious reasons. When the President booted out James Comey from the FBI Director’s office, a suggestion he received from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, he was excoriated by the same liberals who wanted Comey gone just months before.

“Trump ought to stay out of it,” Grassley said. “I think it’s a Christopher Wray job.”

In regards to the Hatch Act, Grassley has already sent a letter to Rosenstein in which he says that McCabe’s use of a government email to campaign for his wife’s decision to run for a Virginia State Senate seat in 2015, violates the rules prohibiting “any e-mail account or social media to distribute, send or forward content that advocates for or against a partisan political party.”

Pacific Pundit alleges that McCabe may have spearheaded the effort to take down President Trump’s first National Security Council advisor, General Michael Flynn, because the latter had agreed to be a witness for an agent accusing McCabe of sexual harassment.

The Pundit writes that in 2014, Supervisory Special Agent Robyn Gritz was in the process of filing a complaint against McCabe for harassment when Flynn wrote a statement saying he would testify on her behalf.

“The FBI sought to block Flynn’s support for the agent, asking a federal administrative law judge in May 2014 to keep Flynn and others from becoming a witness in her Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) case…Two years later, the FBI opened its inquiry of Flynn,” reports the Pundit.

NPR related that Gritz was eventually kicked out of the FBI for the lame excuses of “fraud on her time card that she says just didn’t happen. The FBI also blamed her for not attending a 7:15 a.m. meeting and sending an unprofessional email to an ex-boyfriend.”

McCabe is not only unfit for his office, but he should not even be allowed to work as a mall cop!

Grassley is right! This dirt bag has to go!

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