Dirty Cop Comey Just Attacked President Trump — And Immediately Gets A Nasty Response!

Former FBI Director James Comey caused a stir on the first day of the new year by taking a thinly-veiled swing at President Trump. As his tenure running the bureau has come under unfavorable scrutiny, the disgraced former director is obviously eager to settle some old scores.

“Here’s hoping 2018 brings more ethical leadership, focused on the truth and lasting values,” Comey tweeted. “Happy New Year, everybody.”

Check out the nasty response on social media, per Fox News:

Comey’s tweet had more than 30,000 retweets on Monday morning – and thousands of responses accusing him of lacking self-awareness amid the firestorm surrounding the bureau he once led.

“Here is hoping 2018 the U.S. will have a clean FBI… that will actually do their jobs,” one user, David Weissman, remarked.

Another replied: “Lordy, how could you type that with a straight face?”

(During a congressional hearing last year, Comey memorably said “Lordy, I hope there are tapes” after the president suggested it was possible he had recorded their conversations.)

The Department of Justice’s Inspector General is currently conducting a review of Comey’s investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email servers. It was revealed recently that Comey began drafting his July 2016 statement that exonerated Clinton before key witnesses in the investigation had been interviewed.

President Trump’s attorneys have also pointed out that Comey admitted to orchestrating the leak of his memos about his interactions with the president to the New York Times. The former FBI director said that he “hoped it would lead to a special counsel investigation.”

Isn’t this just the best case of the pot calling the kettle black you’ve ever heard? It’s almost unbelievable that Comey would charge the president is unethical, especially when he so obviously shielded then-candidate Hillary Clinton from justice. He wanted her to win the presidency so he could keep his job… it’s as simple as that. He understood, correctly, that President Trump would not put up with his shenanigans and that he would be replaced.

Do you think that Comey will eventually
face criminal charges?

Or do you think he will escape justice?