BREAKING: Outrage After FBI Director Hammers Trump With Devastating News

GotNews is reporting that, following the justifiable termination of then-FBI Director James Comey for his incompetency, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe sent out an internal email to Bureau employees that uses some rather questionable words and phrases that deserve media attention.

Comey was fired on May 9, 2017 after first appearing incompetent by Democrats and then Republicans as the Bureau leader waffled on charging Hillary Clinton for criminal use of a private email server.

On July 5, 2016, Comey announced that the FBI would not be charging Hillary with any crimes, even though witnesses to the crime had not been interviewed. During the Independence Day weekend appearance before Congress, Comey took the unprecedented move of exonerating Hillary.

McCabe’s undated email opens by acknowledging the ‘tough week’ the Bureau had faced. McCabe, who has his own boldly unethical (and possibly criminal) biases towards Hillary, wrote that the FBI would miss Comey, but would move on.

The third paragraph of the email is when the Deep State mentality of McCabe shines through.

“I want to reassure you,” wrote McCabe, “that even though we will have a new director, our priorities and core values will never change.”

McCabe is thus announcing that no Trump-appointed official will overturn the Deep State’s hold on the Bureau. This is nothing less than the naked political-weaponization of what is supposed to be an objective law enforcement agency.

The FBI, under Comey, and more so under the influence of weasel McCabe, is no longer the guardian of blind justice, but has metamorphized into a tool of the State to enforce the People’s obedience to the Left’s ideology.

McCabe goes on to insist that the “institutional focus” of the FBI will not change. By any metric, that institutional focus includes being apologists for Islamic jihadists (e.g. Aaron Rouse), agents of subversion of investigations into Democrat crimes (e.g. Strzok, Page, Ohr, McCabe, Comey) and crazed zealots conspiring to carry out a coup against the President and, more importantly, the country.

McCabe is hoping to ride out his stay at the FBI until his ‘full-benefits’ retirement in March. He should not only be fired, but thrown into a deep, dark hole in Leavenworth and never heard from again.

What do you think? Should McCabe be locked up?

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