Uh Oh… President Trump Just Got Some Terrible News — But He’s Not Going to Let This Stop Him!

The American people stand with you Mr. President — don’t let this get you down!

From Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, to the Russia probe and the mainstream media… President Trump faces obstacles on all sides looking to thwart his agenda, and by extension, the will of the American people. But now he’s got another problem on his hands: a flood of lawsuits plotted by blue-state attorneys general who have made no secret of their plan to obstruct the administration’s policies.

The Democratic Attorneys General Association, also known as DAGA, is a political fundraising group that is touting the blue-state attorneys general as their “first line of defense” against Trump’s agenda.

“The Trump administration has trouble understanding the rule of law and that’s the reason Democratic attorneys general are filing lawsuits and winning them,” Sean Rankin, DAGA’s executive director, told Fox News.

State prosecutors have stalled many of the Trump administration’s stated goals for 2017 with a record number of lawsuits. And they’re doubling down for 2018!


Check it out:

Amid the lawsuit flurry, the association reported it increased its 2017 fundraising haul by $2.4 million from the previous year — growing its donor base from fewer than 500 in 2016 to more than 5,000 in 2017. Beyond raising money, DAGA facilitates weekly phone conferences with the nation’s 23 Democratic attorneys general to discuss lawsuits and strategies.

“We would expect Democrats in Congress and Democratic governors to be part of the resistance, but we should expect more from chief law enforcement officials in their states than to seek nullification by other means of federal law,” a conservative legal group told Fox News. “Parts of the judiciary itself and many AGs see themselves as part of the resistance.”

The “sheer volume” of Democratic lawsuits is “staggering,” said Scott Will, executive director of the Republican Attorneys General Association.

“This is not about the rule of law or holding the line to stop the feds from preempting state laws; this is about power,” Will said. “Look, Republicans and Democrats had a history of banding together to prevent the federal government from preempting state laws, but those days are over and that is unfortunate.”

Let’s face the facts: Democrats will do anything in their power to resist the will of the 45th President of the United States. This is just one in a series of radical gambits to undermine the results of the 2016 presidential contest.

They didn’t get Hillary, and so, they’ll try every dirty trick in the book to thwart Trump’s agenda.

What’s your take on the flood of lawsuits
against President Trump?