THE PRESIDENT IS FURIOUS — And Congress Won’t Lift a Finger to Help!

President Donald J. Trump is fighting mad and threatening fire and brimstone if Congress does not act quickly to ensure the safety of American citizens. The president hosted a law enforcement roundtable on Tuesday and demanded that the legislative branch close immigration loopholes that are allowing criminal thugs into this country.

Here’s the real deal from Breitbart:

President Donald Trump threatened a government shutdown if Congress did not act quickly to close immigration loopholes allowing MS-13 gang members to cross the border.

“Frankly, I’ll go a step further, if we don’t change the legislation, if we don’t get rid of these loopholes where killers are allowed to come into our country… if we don’t change it let’s have a shutdown, we’ll do a shutdown,” Trump said. “It’s worth it for our country.”

Trump appeared frustrated after hearing stories from law enforcement officials describing how their hands were tied by existing laws that allowed catch-and-release and by minorities earning protected status despite hired smugglers bringing them into the United States.

“If we have to shut it down because the Democrats don’t want safety – and unrelated, but still related, they don’t want to take care of our military – then shut it down,” Trump said. “We’ll go with another shutdown.”

Trump also warned that MS-13 gang members took advantage of the loopholes in the legal system, allowing them to break into the United States.

He called for Congress to fund his long-promised wall.

“We need the wall, we’re going to get the wall, we don’t have the wall, we’re never going to solve this problem… without the wall it’s not going to work,” Trump said.

And the 45th President of the United States is exactly right! Without a Southern border wall to keep the deported illegal aliens out, they will just saunter back into this country like they did before. Why, exactly, are the Democrats so hot on the idea of securing amnesty for these illegals?

I’ll tell you why: it’s because it would expand their base of left-leaning Democrat voters… And thereby increase their power and line their pockets.

The donkeys in blue suits don’t care about the so-called “Dreamers!”

Heck, they don’t even care about hard-working, regular American citizens…

What do you think of Trump calling out
Congress for their inaction?

Do you still want him to build the wall?