The First Lady is STILL ROYALLY TICKED OFF — But There’s Some Signs of Hope!

From her separate arrival at the SOTU to her icy stare on Sunday’s Super Bowl, First Lady Melania Trump is sending some definite signals about her unhappiness with the president. Mrs. Trump is reportedly spending her nights at a posh D.C. hotel in lieu of the presidential residence at the White House.

Well, Monday provided another awkward public moment between the 45th President of the United States and his wife…

Check it out per Mashable:

A clip, captured by NBC News, shows Melania wearing a long yellow jacket over her shoulders, with arms and hands inside the coat, not inside the sleeves. As the two round the corner, Trump can be seen attempting to grab Melania’s right hand, and failing. Reporters fire off questions and Trump suddenly stops, catching Melania off guard.

When the two arrived at the White House after a short trip to Ohio, Trump was again seen attempting to hold Melania’s right hand, which was inside her coat. Again, her arms were not in the sleeves of her jacket. In the photo you can clearly see Melania is also carrying a bag with her right hand.

While this would have been an awkward interaction for any other president, all eyes have been on the couple following allegations that Trump paid former porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 shortly before the election as hush money due to an alleged affair. Following the controversy, Melania canceled her trip with the president to Davos in January. She also arrived at the State of the Union separately from Donald last week, breaking a longstanding tradition.

It goes without saying that to live one’s private life in the fishbowl of 24-hour-a-day media coverage is difficult. And in truth, no one except the president and that porn star know what transpired between them, if anything.

It wouldn’t be the first time a jezebel was paid to say things to damage a politician. One thing is clear, however: it’s obvious that the president and first lady love each other very much.

It’s our hope that they are able to work out their difficulties and the American people are 100% rooting for them!

And despite whatever might be going on behind closed doors, the First Lady is definitely rocking some serious fashion these days…

When you look this good, it’s hard to feel too bad! Plus, they’re going to work it out. No doubt about it!

Check it out per Daily Caller:

Melania Trump is back to putting on a fashion show on a daily basis.

After going a few weeks without making any public appearances, the first lady is now back to doing her thing and blowing everyone away with her fashion choices whenever she steps out.

The first lady was wearing a brown leather skirt, yellow sweater and a yellow coat to match when she walked out of the White House and into Marine One alongside the president. Of course she was rocking her signature shades and some leopard-print high heels to top off the stunning ensemble.

Melania is planning to visit a local children’s hospital during their day trip to Cincinnati where she will participate in a briefing on opioids and meet and greet with patients.

Here’s the video:

What do you think is going on with the First Couple?