Bombshell White House Leak Just Put Barron on Center Stage — And Mom Melania’s Not Happy!

During Barron Trump’s first year in the White House, the eleven-year-old has had to deal with intense media scrutiny, changing schools, and adapting to seeing his father less frequently. Baron has kept a low-profile since the 2016 presidential campaign at the behest of his mother, First Lady Melania. She wants him to have a private, relatively-normal upbringing and has done her best to shield him from the glaring lens of the paparazzi.

Well, it looks like little Barron’s name is going to be making the cable news shows as the result of a new report. Apparently, he’s the glue that’s keeping things copacetic at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Here the scoop from Inquisitr:

When the news broke that U.S. President Donald Trump had an affair with adult star Stormy Daniels, many people assumed that his wife, First Lady Melania Trump is going to divorce him. The FLOTUS has been noticed for allegedly refusing to hold her husband’s hand in public. Others also spotted her rolling her eyes while the POTUS was greeting a few cheerleaders during the Super Bowl party on February 4. However, the Slovenia native is far from divorcing her husband of 13 years while he is still in the presidential seat for a good reason.

An insider close to Melania Trump recently told Hollywood Life that she is not thinking about making a move to divorce her husband while he is in office because of their son Barron. According to the source, the 47-year-old former model wants to focus only on the young boy and his well-being. She doesn’t want to get distracted with the alleged affair between the POTUS and Stormy Daniels. She apparently wants her family intact for the sake of her 11-year-old son.

Melania Trump on January 30, broke the State of the Union address tradition that a First Lady should ride in the presidential limousine with the POTUS. Instead, she hopped in a different car with some of her guests in the presidential motorcade. She also sported a white outfit while most of the politicians wore the color back in support of the MeToo campaign.

Here’s what the White House source had to say:

“Regardless of any animosity between the two, she will not seek any type of divorce with Donald while he is in office. She is focused solely on Barron and his well being and will not do anything to disrupt that or get in the way that. So something as big as divorce would be astronomical at any time, but while Donald was in office would be something even Melania wouldn’t want to take part in.”

You can’t always believe everything you read in print these days, especially when it comes to speculation about the First Couple’s private lives. However, it’s apparent that the Trumps have been under a bit of strain lately…

The American people wish them the best and it’s their prayer that they work out whatever issues they may be having… We know you guys love each other!

Are you proud to call the Trumps your First Family?